Friday, August 1, 2008

Making the Gryffindor Scarf: The S.P.E.W. Tote

I have had a lot of fun participating in the two Craftster HP swaps I've done so far. I have also received some cool stuff! While crafting for the most recent swap, I loved having a HP project tote to use for my HP swap project: the wonderful S.P.E.W. tote that ShardaeDobby made for me in my first swap was my project bag for the Gryffindor scarf I made for rosesanplacebos in the next swap!

S.P.E.W. Tote with Gryffindor Scarf WIP:

Gryffindor Scarf WIP in S.P.E.W Tote (rec. in HP swap)

Gryffindor Scarf WIP in S.P.E.W Tote (rec. in HP swap)

Gryffindor Scarf WIP in S.P.E.W Tote (rec. in HP swap)

Because I love this bag so much, I carry it everywhere. So I've made it my own by adding pin-back buttons!

Craftster Buttons on the front of the S.P.E.W. tote:

Crafty Like Ice Is Cold:

Craftster Pin: Crafty Like Ice Is Cold
Well, yes. ;-)

Craftster Pirate Pin:

Craftster Pirate Pin
Knit fast, die warm! Arrrgh!

Political buttons on the back of the S.P.E.W. tote:

Political Buttons on the S.P.E.W Tote

"Obama '08" and "Women for Obama":

Political Buttons: Obama '08 and Women for Obama
I agree with Norman Solomon on this issue: "The best way to avoid becoming disillusioned is to not have illusions in the first place."

"Freedom Is Participation In Power" and "Ignore Your Rights & They'll Go Away":

Political Buttons: Freedom and Rights
I added these to the bag very recently. I've had them for years, but they've been just collecting dust for a while. I decided that if I'm going to keep using the Obama buttons -- and I am -- these need to come back out and play as well. (FISA, anyone?)

American Flag Peace Symbol:

Political Buttons: American Flag Peace Symbol
This is the button that is most visible when the bag is on my shoulder: it is positioned so it sits to the front when the bag is worn. This is also one of my earliest political buttons. I bought it way back in 2001 when -- suddenly, tragically -- the peace symbol was obscure and old-fashioned no longer. I chose the one with the flag because peace is patriotic, of course.

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