Friday, April 18, 2008

Weird Sisters Record Purse

My swap partner for the recent HP swap had a record purse on her wists, so I had to make one for her! The Weird Sisters are the wizard rock band from the Harry Potter series, and I decided they had to have released some albums (though there aren't any in the books -- we both enjoy a loose interpretation of canon.)

I used this tutorial: Mod Record Purse for instructions, and this Craftster project for additional inspiration: Vinyl Record Purse (from my partner's wists).

The Weird Sisters record purse:

Weird Sisters Record Purse

Both sides:
Weird Sisters Record Purse
Weird Sisters Record Purse

Each side of the purse is Side One of a different album. I printed out the labels on colored heavy weight printer paper, and used double-sided paper adhesive to attach them over the existing labels on the records. ("Do the Hippogriff" is a song from the HP books, but the rest are not. Loose canon, right? And fair warning: this post only gets geekier from here on in.)

Close up of the labels (Conjuring the Rock Produtions, charmed to play in the Divinaphone):

WS's first album (1978):
Weird Sisters Record Purse

Sophmore album (1980):
Weird Sisters Record Purse

My two favorite titles are "From the Owlery" and "Arithmancy of the Soul". Just don't ask me what they mean, because I don't know. But that is some Wizarding rock.

I used two layers of records for the handles, and attached the handles and sides with hemp twine (in purple).

Close up of attachment:

Weird Sisters Record Purse

The concept of the purse is that it is "partially transfigured" -- that is, transfigured from records into a purse, but still retaining characteristics of the original item. (See what I mean about even geekier?) So, the circles in the lining fabric are reminiscent of records, and the pockets are lined with sheet music fabric, of course.


Weird Sisters Record Purse

There are two flat pockets on one side; the snap-close pocket is just peeking out on the other side. The ends are pinched and stitched so they fold inward when the purse is shut.

Snap-close pocket open:

Weird Sisters Record Purse

Close up of fabrics:

Weird Sisters Record Purse

This was my favorite item to make for this swap, and I am so thankful to my partner for allowing me to subject her to my super HP geekiness!

Craft Info:

Swap: "Because We Miss Harry Potter" Swap at Craftster
Swap Partner: ShardaeDobby at Craftster
Date made: March 2008
Pattern: Mod Record Purse, Vinyl Record Purse
Fabrics: Pink vinyl, woven cotton novelty fabrics (pink with colored circles and pink sheet music)
Other materials: Records, heavy weight paper for labels (pink and green), double-sided adhesive, hemp twine (purple), magnetic snap

Posted at Craftster:
Weird Sisters (Harry Potter) Record Purse


Sarah aka Flo said...

wow, this is fabulous! is it comfortable to carry?

tasket basket said...

Thanks! I know it's pretty comfortable to carry empty -- the hemp cord on the double layer handles provides some cushioning, so it doesn't cut into the hand. I didn't try it out filled before I sent it away. (She wanted it, I made it, but I don't know if it's practical, lol.)

I think of it as like an evening bag -- just for a few things, not for everyday purse stuff.

amazonabby said...

How did you print out the labels? I have been racking my brain and I can't figure out how to print ones that are the right size. Is there a template?

niclet said...

This is a ripoff Lucie Belanger's work :

Joshua said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joshua said...

Niclet...Your comment was a bit unfair. I looked at Lucie's bags and they look quite different. Making a bag out of old records does not mean a person is "ripping off" someone else who has done so. Their techniques are very different. If I make a mask out of paper plates, am I ripping off someone else who has done so?

niclet said...

Hi Joshua,

Yes, you're right, I surely over reacted with this. I'm sorry. I know personally Lucie Belanger and she's well known for her work with old vinyl records; she done a lot of design with this medium for so many years, I just wanted to defend her work but it was maybe innapropriate. The Weird Sisters' Record Purse is, indeed, a great work.

katty said...

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javieth said...

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