Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ravenclaw House Scarf, Color Fade Wrist Warmers and Flower Brooch

Ravenclaw Scarf and Wrist Warmers

I made a house scarf for my swap partner in the recent HP craft swap at Craftster. Her favorite house is Ravenclaw, and she prefers book colors. I used the atypically.knit pattern and knit it in the round on bamboo needles.

Ravenclaw House Scarf:

Ravenclaw Scarf

After twenty-one times twenty-two rows, one color and then the next, (and enduring well-intentioned compliments like "Oh, I could never do that! I would want to change colors all the time!") I was ready to either pull my hair out, or knit something fun and quick!

I designed the wrist warmer's color fade as a sanity saver while knitting the scarf. They were an add-on to the swap, but I had to make them.

Ravenclaw Color Fade Wrist Warmers:

Ravenclaw Wrist Warmers

The wrist warmers were knit flat on circular needles and then seamed, leaving a hole for the thumb. Using circular needles allowed changing colors each row as needed.

Ravenclaw House Scarf and Color Fade Wrist Warmers:

Ravenclaw Scarf and Wrist Warmers

I noticed only after sending the swap package that the scarf is backwards in this photo: that's the back of the fringe knots. The top photo shows the front.

DD made the crochet flower brooch in the top photo. It's made of wool yarn and felted. The center is a vintage wood and metal button. She also very kindly modeled the items for photos before I sent out the swap package.

Craft Info:

Swap: "Because We Miss Harry Potter" Swap at Craftster
Swap Partner: ShardaeDobby at Craftster

Ravenclaw House Scarf

Date made: March 1-25 2008
Pattern: atypically.knit Hogwarts scarf pattern
Yarn: Lion Brand "Vanna's Choice" acrylic
Colors: Colonial Blue, Honey
Needles: Size 10 bamboo circular needles

Ravenclaw Color Fade Wrist Warmers

Date made: March 25-31 2008
Yarn: Lion Brand "Vanna's Choice" acrylic
Colors: Colonial Blue, Honey
Needles: Size 10 bamboo circular needles (knit flat)

Ravenclaw House Colors Flower Brooch

Made by: DD
Date made: March 2008
Yarn: Worsted weight wool
Color: Blue
Hook: G
Other Materials: Wood and metal vintage button, brooch clasp

Posted at Craftster:
Ravenclaw Scarf, Wrist Warmers and Flower Brooch


Samsara said...

Extra geeky comment...isn't that the Fibobacci sequence on those wrist warmers? *lol*

tasket basket said...

Oh, wow. Okay, I like geeky comments, but I've never even heard that word. . . *googling*

Samsara. The wikipedia page for that (the first hit) is full of math, lol.

I have heard of the golden ratio, and actually now that I've been reminded, I do know what you're referring to!

The wrist warmers are almost Fibobacci: if only I'd made the first contrast section after the ribbing five rows instead of four . . . but now I am totally doing that the next time, lol!

I'm impressed with your geekyness!

Anonymous said...

hello! i love your ravenclaw scarf!! really cool!
i recently made a scarf the same stitch (purl/knit) and was wondering how to got it so that it didn't curl up at the edges? can you please send a reply to =D
thankyou so much!

Juliette said...

Hi! I know this is an old post for you but, I love your Ravenclaw Scarf, Mitten thingys and that broach! :D I tried to open that link you had in your post, but it wouldn't open. :( I would love to make some of these of my own. Would you be kind enough to email me all the required information to make them (colours, pattern, needle size/shape, etc)? I know the broach wasn't made by you, but if you could get the pattern or even give it your best guess that would be awesome! I would also like to know how you didn't get the scarf to curl up at the edges to please if I'm not asking too much already! That would be great if you could! My gmail is "". Thanks a lot!

Padmé Arya Éowyn Istalrí Skywalker said...

These are AWESOME!! I'm making myself a Gryffindor scarf right now, and I am thinking about making one for each house. The gloves are really cool, and I love the brooch. It's so cute! Now I'll have to learn how to crochet...