Sunday, July 20, 2008

HP Craft Swap at Craftster: Summary Post

June and the beginning of July was Harry Potter crafting! The "I Miss Harry Potter Swap" at Craftster was lots of fun. My lovely partner, rosesanplacebos, had lots of green items on her wists, so I made her a fun HP shopping tote set:

Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses Theme Shopping Tote Set

And some other stuff!

The whole swap package:

HP Swap at Craftster - Package Sent

More posts to come detailing all the crafts, and other info from the swap!

Swap Info:

Swap: "I Miss Harry Potter Swap" at Craftster
Swap Gallery: "I Miss Harry Potter Swap Gallery"
Crafting Dates: June 2 - July 10, 2008
Date Sent: July 10, 2008

Posted at Craftster: (this section will be updated with links as posts are made on Craftster)

rosesanplacebos's posts (the crafts I made, that she received):

My posts:


Samsara said...

Suck a practical HP package :-) Everything was so useful and so nicely presented! Loved it all

tasket basket said...

Thanks so much samsara! It was so much fun making practical stuff, especially because rosesanplacebos wanted eco-friendly things, like shopping totes!